Ribbons RND

The first shot of our ongoing Ribbons RND is ready! In this series we are going to explore some product compositions with ribbons. Ribbons are very versatile, so it’s easy to adapt them to whatever concept. Great form for another Vellum RND from design standpoint aswell. Got some interesting ideas for future shots, so stay tuned 🙂

First shot was divided into three versions. Even if technically they are pretty much the same, we could not resist to play with different materials and camera angles 🙂 All of them can be found in Houdini source file, with textures and full Octane ACES setup.

As you might noticed, we are always trying to build our personal models to use in our projects. We built small cosmetics series for Flokka project, and now this beautiful and unique perfume bottle was added to our collection. All these models are available for our supporters, and can be used in personal and commercial projects. We are sharing them as is. Not perfect in terms of topology or UVs, but suits our tasks.

Source files available on Patreon, or you can buy them directly on Gumroad.

Download on Patreon