Ribbons RND — Shot 03

Releasing third shot of a series. This one came out a bit unusual for us. Due to some technical issues, we decided to try out Redshift just in the middle of the project 🙂 Yep, happens!

This is literally our first Redshift production render, so there can be lack of optimization here or there. The image quality is kinda okay, but still not on a usual level. But what sealed the deal is the speed. The speed was surprisingly great and allowed to finish the shot in time. Since half of our followers are using RS or both Octane/RS, we were planning to add Redshift to our project pool at some point, but it happened earlier than expected 🙂 We are pretty much excited to keep combining these both great render engines in our future work.

Regarding the shot itself: if you digged in our previous project files, these one will be not complicated for you, since it mostly use the same principles. And we would like to focus more on art-direction aspects rather than creating complicated and technical setups.

This time we bring alembics from Houdini to C4D and shading/rendering it there with Redshift.

This product is also available on Gumroad [https://hypemotion.gumroad.com/l/XrxaP] Choose what fit you most.

Source files available on Patreon, or you can buy them directly on Gumroad.

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